LEAD Stake Pool

Helping to LEAD the way to a decentralised future

Secure | Reliable | Trusted

Ticker: LEAD

Pool ID: ec6cdcad62633e065be5d96eecea28464144a1827adc0cba98d29a23

Registered Pledge: 200,000 ADA

Pool Margin: 1% until Jan 2021

Cost per epoch: 340 ADA


LEAD Stake Pool Secure


Protection from hackers and cyber attacks


To ensure the best rewards for our delegators


Proven block producer since the start of the Shelley era

LEAD believe that stake pool operators should help and communicate with current and potential delegators as much as possible

LEAD are committed to making this a long term project meaning you do not need to constantly check up on your delegation

LEADs rewards will currently remain within the pool to increase pledge amount meaning a higher total stake overall

Server Specifications

Main Server Location: Sydney, Australia

Operating System:
Ubuntu 20.04

1 Block producer

2 Relays

LEAD Stake Pool CPU

4v Cores per node

LEAD Stake Pool RAM

8GB per node

LEAD Stake Pool HD

80GB NVMe per node

LEAD Stake Pool Bandwidith

1 Gbps per node


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About Me

Manager at Accenture with 9 years experience in financial services with a particular focus on programming tax engines

Computing with Industry graduate from the University of Leeds (UK) – Final year project on distributed systems

Currently studying for a Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law

Location – Sydney, Australia

A true techie at heart… Ever since I was young, I have always been playing with computers and building home servers

4 words I would use to describe myself would be enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated and determined